You can now add custom specialty codes in your Account Settings area.  These codes allow for custom divisions and specifications.

These specialty codes can be used for:

  • Submittals
  • Cost Tracking
  • Time Tracking

How to create specialty codes -

1) Go to your Account Settings page in the drop down list under your name in the top right corner.

2)  Click on Manage Specialty Codes

3) Select Custom Codes

Choose the "Custom Codes" option and click Save Code Settings.

4) Create Custom Codes

Now you can add new custom divisions.  Start by clicking Add a Division.

Enter the division name and click Save Division when you are finished.

Your new custom codes will display below as you create them.

5) Edit Divisions

To edit a division, click the Pencil Icon next to the division.

From here, you can change the name and hit Save Division when you are finished.

6)  Adding Specification to a Division

To add a specification, click Add Specification under which division you want it in.

Enter the specification code and name.  Click Save Specification when you are finished.

7) Deleting a Division or Specification

To delete a division or specification, click the Red Trash Can next to the division or specification.  Click OK when it asks if you want to permanently delete it.