Contacts are primarily being used in Bid Requests at this time.  However, they will be used in other areas of CM Fusion in the future.  

1)    Select the Contacts tab in the drop down list under your name in the top right corner.

2)    A list of your contacts will appear if you have any.  You can view, edit, or delete a contact with the three buttons on the right respectively.

3)    If you want to add a contact, select the blue Add Contact button.

4)    Enter in your contact's information in the corresponding boxes.  If you want to specify a division for this contact, click the box next to Division Specialties. 

        A drop down list will appear.  You can select all the specialties that apply to this contact by clicking the box next to the specialty.

5)    Once you have finished entering the contact's information and devision specialties, click the Save Contact at the bottom left of the page to save the contact.

You can only add one contact at a time, but this will change in the future.