This article shows how to create reports of your submittals.  Submittals are only available for Pro members.

1)  Start by going to the Projects tab in the top menu.

2)    Select which project you want to edit.

3)    Click on the Submittals tab in the left menu.

4)    Click the Report Options button in the top right.

5)    This pulls down two options for your report.  PDF or Excel.


Click on PDF if you want your submittal report to a be a PDF.  The following screenshots are an example of what the PDF Submittal Report will look like.  It gives an overview of the all the different statuses for the submittals on the first page.  On the second page, it gives a list of all the submittals.  From here you can also download or print the report.


Clicking the Excel option will download an excel file of your submittal report.